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In general, MAFEX can be used to apply any liquid. The most popular are:

  • The liquid treatment of potatoes with seed coating agents, fungicides, and anti-sprouting products (e.g. Diabolo®, Fungazil® 100SL, GROSTOP® Basis, NeoNet® Start, MonCut®, Magnate® 100SL, Liquid Cuprozin® or even MitoBAR)
  • The use of water dust binding Atomizers for use with potatoes can be mounted on harvesters, box fillers or conveyor belts. However, the best results are achieved in combination with the Pommeq Potato care. This ensures the best coverage.


  • Advantages:
  • Optimal active substance distribution
  • Uniform wetting of thepotatoes
  • Reduction of the application volume
MAFEX in combination with a Potato Care

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