APH Engineering upgrades chips line in Central Europe

APH Engineering recently did an upgrade on a chips line in Central Europe with one of the most well known processors in the world. The line, which was installed several years ago, needed capacity increase on peeling and washing side. While the space in the building was limited, APH Engineering made a solution to combine increased capacity with a limited footprint in the factory. With the upgrade of the line, the factory expects to increase its capacity and being ready for the future.

E = MC²

The demand for safe food in the world increases rapidly, very rapidly. A high knowledge level and integral approach, makes APH Group the partner for professionals in potato and vegetable machinery. APH Group strives continuously to improve the Efficiency for her clients by:
• Increased yields (Mass)
• Improvement of quality (Create quality)
• Decreased costs of usage (Cost of ownership)

This results in the APH approach: E = MC²

APH Group supplies efficient solutions for professionals in the segments field machinery, in-store solutions, irrigation and engineering.

Below a small picture of the new peeler in the line.