Kazakhstan – a testimonial on an integral irrigation solution

Irrigation review Mister Yuri Vladimirovich of Kopdikov

Testimonial on an irrigation solution in Kazakhstan In this video mister Yuri Vladimirovich of Kopdikov reviews the irrigation solution that APH Group has developed for the company in Kazakhstan. Specifically, the solution consists of a T-L pivot, a Cornell pump, and Riverscreen filter technology.  You can find the testimonial video (from our youtube channel) here below. Furthermore, it is in the Russian language, with English subtitles. Testimonial video about the APH Group irrigation solution in Kazakhstan. Go back to all testimonials

Yuri Vladimirovich, manager of Kopdikov

Brasil – a conditioning storage solution for 1000 tons of potatoes

Testimonial Brasil

Agro Solanum – APH Group partner since 2011 – For Richard Borg (founder of Agro Solanum, a potato marketing group of three farmers), Omnivent has installed a 1000 ton potato box conditioning storage solution. The storage solution has capabilities of mid-term storage for fresh market and seed potatoes. The goal of Richard is to deliver high-quality potatoes all year round. Specifically when temporary wet spells do not allow harvest every day, because this makes it possible that he can also deliver during the short periods of no harvest. In these times of scarcity, the prices are higher and Richard can deliver from the store, where his competitors cannot. Last year the store has only been used for seed storage since… Read more “Brasil – a conditioning storage solution for 1000 tons of potatoes”

Richard Borg, founder of Agro Solanum

Finland – a new Manter packing line for carrots, red beets & swedes

Alainen-Manter M10 Ca equipment

Hanna and Raimo Alainen are running a farm in Finland. The farm is specialized in growing, packing, and supplying vegetables for the local market. Those activities fit well with a couple that loves farming. Above that, both have an education as a horticulturist. The family farm is one of many generations. They supply carrots, red beets, and swedes straight to local supermarkets. In increasingly tougher competition, they manage on the market thanks to their competitive service, which meets the customer’s requirements. Regardless of challenges caused by the northern climate and short growing season, they have intensively put effort to develop the production of these special crops in the last years. A brand new packaging line The latest step forward was… Read more “Finland – a new Manter packing line for carrots, red beets & swedes”

Hanna and Raimo Alainen

Belarus – an extensive line of grading, washing & packing of potatoes

Testimonial Belarus - gradingm, washing and packing line potatoes

APH Group Engineering recently delivered and installed a large scale line for grading, washing, and packing of potatoes to a customer in the Northeast region of Belarus. The biggest challenge was to fit all the desired machines in the compact building. We have applied several innovative solutions, so we could design the line in such a way that all desired components were included. The grading line First of all, we placed the grader above the bunkers to reduce the floor surface. Secondly, we used platforms for the brushing machines as well as the roller inspection tables. This kept the floor space free. Third, a palletizing line was equipped with a 90° angled conveyor to place the palletizer in the best… Read more “Belarus – an extensive line of grading, washing & packing of potatoes”

Russia – T-L pivot irrigation for 276 ha of various vegetables

Testimonial Russia - t-l irrigation pivot

Mary El Republic – an ecological pure territory Mary El Republic is located in southeastern Russia. It is known as one of the most ecologically pure territories in the European part of Russia. It has over 300 lakes, 11 major rivers, including the Volga River, and thousands of acres of woods. In fact, it’s no wonder the area is a popular destination for travelers and tourists who enjoy nature. A difficult region for vegetable farming The region has long cold winters and warm summers. As a result, the area is most suitable for timber production, wood processing, and the production of meat and milk. Crops, on the other hand, are typically limited to barley, oats, rye, and wheat, with some… Read more “Russia – T-L pivot irrigation for 276 ha of various vegetables”

Anderey Babushkin and Alexander Pekunkin

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