APH Group service team

The APH Group service team consists of over 50 engineers worldwide. In every country where APH Group has an office, a service team is on the road to assist the agro professional. Experienced, committed, enthusiastic, and talented. Those are the characteristics of the APH Group service team

With this in mind, we are continuously improving the knowledge level and skills of our service team, by organizing and participating in professional training.

As a result, our service team is widely educated with a focus on startups and the installation of new equipment. The team is ready to help you with service questions during the planting, growing, harvest, and storage season. With this excellent team, we offer a reliable, accurate and efficient service, whenever needed

APH Group service
APH Group service team

APH Group Service cars

We have service teams in all countries where we are active. They are ready to hit the road with their fully packed APH Group service car and help you out! Do you want to know where your nearby service team member is located?

Find your nearest sales and service point!

APH Group Service goes above and beyond to keep the agro professional on track!

The official slogan of the APH Group service & spare parts team

Would you l like to join our service team, and do you have what it takes?
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APH Group service team offers spare parts service

APH Group is your perfect partner in spare parts. Look no further, when a part of your machine is broken! Just contact APH Group and we can easily track the exact part you need, order and arrange it to be delivered at the location where you need it, as soon as possible. Less hassle, faster delivery!

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