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APH Group has great partnerships with suppliers and partners. A fine selection of the best A-brands, to offer you a full-service package – from seed to storage, from A to Z.

In alphabetical order:
Agricola Italiana SNT2-290 4DR
Agricola Italiana

Agricola Italiana is our partner in precision pneumatic sowing machines. The Italian company was founded in 1977 and is now a global reference point for the manufacturing of precision pneumatic sowing machines. The company offers a wide range of agricultural machines for sowing on any type of soil.

Agricola Italiana SNT2-290 4DR

Agricola Italiana is selected as a dedicated partner, as the company constantly invests in research and innovation. This results in high product quality, quick and efficient response to market demands, competitiveness, and the type of services offered. A proudly Italian company stands behind every precision sowing machine manufactured. A company that boasts a specialized and passionate technical team. A typical APH Group Partner and supplier!

Baselier 8FK rotary cultivators
Baselier 8FK rotary cultivators

Our Partner Baselier is a Dutch manufacturer, founded in 1951. At Baselier, they design and produce rotary ridging cultivators, full-width rotary cultivators, ridge formers, and Haulm toppers for cultivation and potato crop.

Above all, the equipment is developed through experience, built by craftsmen. Therefore Baselier is a true Partner and supplier for APH Group!

DewulfZK IV - Self-propelled carrot machine

Our partner Dewulf was founded in Belgium in 1946. The company is a global player in agricultural machines for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops. Dewulf is a leader in the development and production of agricultural machinery for soil cultivation, planting, harvesting, grading, sorting, and transport of potatoes and vegetables.

DewulfZK IV – Self-propelled carrot machine

Complete Manter line

Manter is our partner in weighing ad packaging machines, located in the Netherlands. The combination of development and assembly at one location gives all the more possibilities for flexible, personal solutions for the client. The machines are exact, reliable, and durable, keeping maintenance costs low.

Complete Manter line

Innovation in technique is important, especially digitally. Gateway maintenance and updates of the machines can be performed remotely and the client can download data to analyze and process on his system.

For the client, the value of Manter lies in a qualitative machine, but also in expert advice during the procurement process and perfect service during installation and the entire lifespan of the machine. In conclusion, the combination of APH Group with Manter is a successful one!

Omnivent blowing system, onion storage

Omnivent is our partner in in-store storage and is one of the leading companies in storage technology. The Dutch company has high-quality equipment in ventilation, cooling, drying, humidification, CO2 control, and storage automation and is renowned all over the world.
The main goals of Omnivent are the reduction of storage losses, saving energy, and optimal storage control. Altogether, this makes Omnivent a solid partner for APH Group.

Samon onion loader SU2LS

Samon is our partner, mainly in equipment for onions. It is a specialized manufacturing company in the agricultural sector, with the well-known onion harvesting machines as the coregroup. The company was founded in 1950 in the Netherlands.

Their products include onion harvesters, onion haulm toppers, onion loaders, potato tanker harvesters, self-unloading crate trailers, and bottom unloading/conveyor belts.

Samon onion loader SU2LS

T-L pivot system on a brassica field

T-L is our partner in irrigation and was founded in 1955 in the USA. Hydrostatically powered, T-L systems are designed to deliver continuous movement. Gearbox wear is drastically reduced, due to the absence of an electrically-driven system’s stop-start operation. Next to that, water and chemicals are evenly distributed over the crop. T-L systems deliver the best, most consistent water pattern available.

T-L worm drive gearboxes carry an industry-leading warranty, eight years or 16,000 hours. They have no exposed drive lines or joints, with an internal drive connection inside the base beam.

T-L pivot system on a brassica field

Wytse Oosterbaan, director APH Group

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