About APH Group

APH Group is an export company of well-known brands of equipment and installations for professionals in the grain, potatoes, vegetables and irrigation business. The activities are divided into 5 Knowledge Centres: Grain Equipment, Potato & Vegetable Equipment, Irrigation, Storage, and Grading & Packing.

APH Group distinguishes itself by a high service level and a solution-oriented integral approach. Our mission is to maximize our customers’ efficiency by delivering and servicing the right technology for their specific local circumstances.

APH Group’s working area is mainly in Central- and Eastern Europe, China, Turkey, and Latin America. In these areas, APH Group works with well-known brands like Dewulf, Miedema, Baselier, Omnivent, Manter, and T-L. Read more about our partners.

APH Group Service and spare part department
One of the over 30 service team members of APH Group worldwide.

Why should you join APH Group?

APH Group trusts its employees. When you are part of APH Group, you will experience freedom, hand in hand with a sense of responsibility.

Our employees fulfil their roles in a way that is optimal for who they are, and how they function best & with the most joy. We believe that if you love what you do, combined with responsibilities and the freedom to fulfil your job in your optimal way, you will get the best output. A win-win situation!

Job offers in the Netherlands:

NEW! Applicatiebeheerder Salesforce

Sales Manager – Storage

Job offers in Poland:

Service engineer

Agricultural machinery mechanic – service technician/ Mechanik maszyn rolniczych – serwisant

Sales manager/ Handlowiec

Warehouseman/ Magazynier


APH Group Headquarters
APH Group Headquarters, Heerenveen, the Netherlands

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