About APH Group

APH Group is an export company of well-known brands of equipment and installations for professionals in the grain, potatoes, vegetables and irrigation business. We distinguish ourselves by a high service level and a solution-oriented integral approach.

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Our mission is to maximize our customers’ efficiency by delivering and servicing the right technology for their specific local circumstances. Headquartered in the Netherlands, we have local offices and dealers in each country where APH Group is active. Our working area is mainly in Russia, Eastern Europe, China, Turkey, and Latin America. In these regions, APH Group predominantly offers well-known brands like Baselier, Dewulf, Miedema, Omnivent, Manter, and T-L.

The activities are divided into 5 knowledge centres: Grain Equipment, Potato & Vegetable Equipment, Irrigation, Storage, and Grading & Packing.

How it started

APH Group is founded in 1997. At the time, Wytse Oosterbaan (owner & founder of APH Group) had a partnership with HZPC Holland, an exporter of seed potatoes in various agronomic projects in Russia and some other countries. Back then, it was a common practice to sell full projects to farmers and agro holdings, including seeds and equipment.

Along the road, Wytse realized that sometimes the equipment delivered to specific projects didn’t have the right technology for the local conditions. That made him decide:

“I have to change this and offer the full package. Namely machines with the right advice and service included. Particularly we  take into account the local circumstances of farmers and agro holdings.”

Therewith APH Group was born!

From then on, delivering the right technology for the specific local circumstances remains the key success factor for APH Group.


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