About APH Group

Efficient solutions for professionals

APH Group delivers and services machines and equipment to increase the efficiency of professionals in potato, vegetable and irrigation business. We deliver integral and innovative solutions. We do this by means of skilled specialists, operating out of 4 knowledge centers, namely: APH Field Equipment, APH Irrigation, APH In-store Solutions and APH Engineering.

APH Group was founded in 1997. At that time Wytse Oosterbaan (owner and founder of APH Group) carried out several agronomical jobs in Russia and some other countries in cooperation with a seed potato exporter. It was common that complete projects including seeds and machinery were delivered to farmers and agroholdings. Wytse realized that the machines delivered to specific projects were not always the right technology for the local circumstances. Wytse made up his mind: “I have to change this and deliver machinery including the correct advice and taking into account local circumstances to the farmers and agroholdings”. APH Group was born! And still, delivery of the right technology for the specific local circumstances is a key success factor for APH Group.



The demand for safe food in the world increases rapidly, very rapidly. A high knowledge level and integral approach, makes APH Group the partner for professionals in irrigation, potato and vegetable business. APH Group strives continuously to improve the Efficiency for her clients by:

  • Increased yields (Mass)
  • Improvement of quality (Create quality)
  • Decreased costs of usage (Cost of ownership)

This results in the APH approach: E = M

APH Group supplies efficient solutions for professionals in the segments field equipment, in-store solutions, irrigation and engineering.


Contribute to increase the efficiency of professionals in potato, vegetable and irrigation business by integral and innovative solutions.

Our corporate values

Sustainable Farming
Growing up on farms gave the management of APH Group a very short link to Mother Nature. We realize as no one else that the higher demand for food in the world can only be answered with durable production. We are working to incorporate in our operations the best thinking, practices and technology to support sustainable agriculture. A good example is our cooperation with T-L irrigation systems. With their systems we are able to reduce on-farm water use tremendously compared to common used flood irrigation systems. By means of implementing farms with modern machinery and energy efficient installations, APH Group contributes to the substantial growth of the increasing world’s food demand.

Carbon footprint
Throughout the whole company decisions are taken in order to improve the world. With small things like reducing the use of paper in the offices, the recycling of all waste as well as the heating of our headquarters by geothermal energy, we help reducing the carbon footprint.

Human resources
APH Group suppliers are producing in the European Union and in the United States and work according the applicable rules on environment and labour circumstances. This guarantees that our products are produced without the help of child labour.

Sell only products we can be proud of
Our farmers background helps us to do the true test: would I buy this APH Group product if I was the farmer or processor? If the answer is no, then the product is not suitable for the APH Group catalogue. Our products have our confidence.

Care for our customers
We are driven by a competitive market spirit but our solutions should bring both profit to our company and our customers. Our success depends on a thorough understanding of our customers. We absolutely go an extra mile to show our care.

We tell the whole story, not just what’s convenient to our individual or company goals. Towards our stakeholders we need to be clear, honest and accurate.