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Field equipment

Carrot harvester GK III SE


Carrot harvester GK III SE

Dewulf’s 3-row, trailed top lifting harvester with elevator, enables clients to harvest during difficult field conditions with a high capacity output. The pick-up element is fitted with teethed belts for lifting carrots, turnip, red beet, celeriac, etc. The pick-up element ensures a perfect picking angle and ends in a forced haulm separation unit.

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Dewulf's 3-row, trailed top lifting harvester with elevator, enables clients to harvest during difficult field conditions with a high capacity output. The pick-up element is fitted with teethed belts for lifting carrots, turnip, red beet, celeriac, etc. The pick-up element ensures a perfect picking angle and ends in a forced haulm separation unit.
Unique are the 'Floating Shares', 2 individual harvesting elements with independent topping knives, whereby maximum stability is guaranteed, even with high speeds. Small up-and-down movements of the pick-up element do not have any influence on the position of the share arms, whereby maximum stability is guaranteed and a better cutting result is achieved.
The haulm separation unit has (per row) 2 set of 6 topping knives and is fitted with 'Labyrinth Sealing' in the bearing houses. This provides the highest degree of durability in the market, whereby even the smallest dust particles and aggressive plant fluids cannot gain access to the bearings. Two grease nipples per head lubricate all six topping blades through a central grease channel within the housing.
The drive of the haulm separation unit is done by a maintenance-free 'Gearbox Drive'. Two heavy-duty sprockets ensure a perfect synchronization of the blades. As a result, the tops of the carrots remain undamaged and the topping knives last longer.

From the haulm separation unit, product goes via the sieving web onto the elevator.
Thanks to the long harvesting belts the elevator is attached higher on the chassis, there for the product is transported up at a significantly lower angle, which ensures no fall back of the product. The wide elevator guarantees as well a high capacity operation.

Stability of the machine is an important aspect regarding the intake of the product. Too much balancing of the machine can have a negative effect of this. Large wheels ensures an optimal stability and ground clearance in the field. In combination with a balanced weight distribution, low ground pressure is obtained.

The robust mono chassis guarantees a superior durability with a low weight. The open construction provides a considerably improved view of the harvesting process.

Standard you have an easily and quick access to all main components in order to do the proper maintenance. Beside of that our machines are equipped with standard parts which are worldwide easily available.

Unique points:
- High capacity
- Strong and open chassis
- Proven and tested worldwide
- Professional control unit with joystick in the cabin of the tractor
- Topping knives driven by the maintenance-free 'Gearbox Drive'
- Maintenance-free components
- Standard spare parts, worldwide available
- Very manoeuverable machine
- High cleaning capacity
- Perfect "grip" to product by means of teethed belts
- Large elevator
- Hedgehogbelt to separate the crop and the rest of the soil

Machine is standard equipped with:
- Road regulations EU
- Control unit to set the adjustments of the functions + joystick to operate the mostly used functions
- Cable set with fuse for direct connection of the control-unit and joystick of a trailed harvester to the battery of the tractor.
- Manual support foot
- Cylinder on the drawbar
- Set of tyres: Right; MITAS 600/65 R38 and left; MITAS 600/65 R38
- Steering wheels for trailed harvesters with wheel position indication on the control-unit + parking brake and hydraulic service brakes
- Automatic neutral position of the steering wheels
- Hydraulic equipment on the harvester (gearbox, LS pump, gear pumps, oil tank and oil cooler). Hydraulic cylinders are operated by tractor hydraulics
- The harvesting elements are hanged individually to the chassis and are manually adjustable to handle different harvesting distances (standard: row distance need to be between 380 mm and 600 mm). The inclination of the harvestings units is 25°
- 6 Hydraulically driven rotary torpedos (speed and turning direction are adjustable from the cabin)
- ADC (Automatic Depth Control): proportional sensors, adjustable from the cabin
- Length of the harvesting belts: 14.000 mm. The machine is equipped with 370 mm large drive wheels for the harsting belts.
- Manual belt tensioner for each harvesting belt
- 6 Cutters set with flat knives, each bearing housings has two bearings and labyrinth sealing. Hydraulically driven, synchronisation of the cutters is made sure by a closed gearbox. (3-row)
- Reversing of the cutters, harvesting belts, optional rotary torpedos, optional rotary cleaners from the cabin (together or individually reversible)
- Speed of the harvesting belts and the cutters adjustable from the cabin
- 4 Hydraulically driven rollers: 1 roller below each cutter set (to avoid loss of carrots) + 1 entrance roller of the haulm cover (to avoid haulm accumulation on the frame of the cross conveyor)
- Cross conveyor: width 800 mm, speed adjustable on the machine
- Hedgehog unit: width 1.000 mm, length 1.680 mm, inclination adjustable from the cabin, speed adjustable on the machine
- Discharge conveyor: width 800 mm. At the end of this conveyor is a distributor installed, to distribute the crop equally into the discharge elevator
- Discharge elevator: width 1.200 mm with flat discharge (only 19° inclination): higher discharge capacity at a lower discharging speed. The discharging height is between 1.000 mm and 3.800 mm
- Automatic tensioner of the discharge elevator web (with spring tensioner).


Tyres2x 600/65R38
Hydraulic outlets required1 x DA
Length harvesting belts (mm)14.000
Picking angle (°)26°
Speed harvesting beltsHydraulically adjustalbe
Width discharge elevator (mm)1.200
Power requirement (hp)150
LxWxH (cm)953x411x400
Weight (kg)9.280
Row distance (mm) min. - max.390 - 600
Rows (no.)3
Elevator discharge height (mm) max.3.500
Amount of splines PTO shaft6


CAR-1204GK23 Remote controls (4 functions) and receiver to operate the discharge elevator
CAR-12064Extra remote control with 4 buttons (price per extra remote control)
CAR-12069Extra sorting platform for 2 persons parallel to the discharge conveyor
CAR-13001 monitor with 2 cameras + lighting
CAR-13010TCamera system: 1pc. Quad, 10” screen with 4 infra-red cameras (for trailed machine)
CAR-130712GK2Work lights GKII: LED instead of halogen (not for road lights)
CAR-17301Additional cable with fuse to connect a second tractor (needed to operate with terminal)
CAR-17334BFixed towing eye D40 (instead of fixed towing eye)
CAR-17335Rotative towing hitch
CAR-17336Towing hitch K80 (GBC)
CAR-17339KRussian hydraulic coupling
CAR-17339ZExtra yoke set for PTO drive shaft D8x32x38 for wide-angle PTO drive shaft (tractor side) - Russia
CAR-2201Orange side lights every 3 meters
CAR-30074GK2Bigger oil cooler (needed within extreme hot harvesting conditions: +40°C) (not icw D-3502GK2)
CAR-31022GK2Hydraulically adjustable support stand of the machine (adjustable from the cabin)
CAR-31026GK2DPC (Dewulf Pole Control) (auto positioning of the pole)
CAR-3303K3Automatic greasing system for cutters set (3-row)
CAR-3502GK2Hydraulic driven wheels with traction control from cabin (not icw D-3503GK2 and D-3103GK2)
CAR-4153DAS (Dewulf Automatic Steering) automatic steering on the pole
CAR-430733 Reinforced share arms (i.s.o. standard share arms)
CAR-44091K3Stone security on 3 shares (break bolt system)
CAR-45621Rotary brushes for cleaning the top lifter belts (6 pieces)
CAR-45631Hydraulic driven rotors for cleaning carrots under the top lifter belts (6 pieces)
CAR-45636GK3Small row distance kit: needs to be ordered when having row distances between 380 mm - 450 mm: small
CAR-4564GK2Duo agitator in the cross web
CAR-4601GK2Press-out roller in the cross web
CAR-4608GK2Inspection platform for 1 person (equipped with emergency stop button)
CAR-4674GK2Hydraulically driven entrance roller of the cross conveyor (only in combination with D-46710)
CAR-4723GK2Discharge elevator GK / ZK: pitch 40 naked bars covered with a canvas (for light soil)
CAR-47262K3Loading chute at the end of the discharge elevator: funnel shaped chute with 3 fall breakers to make
CAR-47267GK2Fall breaker at the end of the discharge elevator: hydraulic adjustable
CAR-48021DSC (Dewulf Synchronisation Control;) tractor must be equipped with ISO11786 or DIN9684 connector
CAR-4804K3Harvesting belt tensioners: automatic hydraulic tensioning of each harvesting belt (3-row)
CAR-49524G312 Hydr. driven leaf separators with chains (4 chains per separator) adjustable on the machine
CAR-49545ZSynchronized running of top lifter belts with driving speed
CAR-4955K3Share arm protection: Spring system at the connection of the share arm to the chassis
CAR-600433 Extra shares for red beet
CAR-6005423 extra shares for celery root
CAR-17339G1Extra yoke set for PTO drive shaft 1 3/4 Z6 for wide-angle PTO drive shaft (for tractor side)
CAR-17339G2Extra yoke set for PTO drive shaft 1 3/4 Z20 for wide-angle PTO drive shaft (for tractor side)
CAR-17339G3Extra yoke set for PTO drive shaft 1 3/8 Z21 for wide-angle PTO drive shaft (for tractor side)
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