RSB-P right version for poly up to 700 mm

Poly filling and sealing machine for either pre-fabricated bags or half tube PE poly from the roll.

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Poly filling and sealing machine for either pre-fabricated bags or half tube PE poly from the roll.
When the bag is filled it is separated and then closed by a horizontal closing unit. For this horizontal
closing unit, several options are available like a horizontal heat sealer or different kinds of tail closing
units with a plastic clip. Because the machine is working with an open and close filling hole, an extra
high transport strip (60mm) is not needed on the foil from the roll. This leads to a material saving up
to 5%.

Furthermore, Manter packing machines are known for the following characteristics:
- Lowest TCO available in the market
- Heavily constructed frame
- Safe and easy to operate


Foil height (mm)300 - 700
Foil width (mm)250 - 450
Foil thickness (μm)35 - 65
Packed weight (kg)0,5 - 10 (2*)
Air consumption (conditioned dry air)250l/min at 6 bar
Capacity at 2,5 kg bags28 pcs/minute
Supply voltage (V)3x 400 Volt/50 Hz + N + GND
Power consumption (kW)6
LxWxH (cm)480x120x200
Weight (kg)600
1* depending on fill opening
2* depending on product, bag and discharge system


0202-0214Vertical heat sealer a punching unit (10 pcs)
0202-0401Cutting knife
0202-0455Vertical heat sealer
0202-0514Photocell Filling hole control
0202-0515Vibrating Hopper
0202-0516Duck beak chute when packing long products like carrots
0202-0518Base frame for a printer
0202-0531Adjustment to allow poly up to 750 mm height
0202-0562Double Filling hole (additional price with a new machine)
0202-0617Cooler on horizontal seal left
0202-0622Cooler on horizontal seal right
0202-0739Bag separating system SST
0202-0741Cooler on vertical sealer
0202-0778Bag separating system with rubber rollers left SST
0202-0779Bag separating system with rubber rollers right SST
0203-0050Wheels for RSD-M
0224-0007MMG Slave unit: to connect the PLC of the bagger with the router in the weigher
4118-0017Single/ Dual bagger end chute
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