Elevator ME 80 Planter Filler

The Miedema planter filler is developped to help lighten the farmer’s task when it comes to planting potatoes.

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The Miedema planter filler is developped to help lighten the farmer's task when it comes to planting potatoes.
A 8m long conveyor belt, joins the tipping trailer gives this planter a high filling capacity. Moreover, the conveyor belt is also perfectly suited for use as an extra conveyor or soil belt during storage loading.

In actual practice the user must often spend an enormous amount of time adjusting and swivelling the conveyor belt. Miedema's planter filling belts are designed to convey the seed potatoes from the tipping trailer to the planter quickly, effortlessly and without damage.

The planter filler can be driven hydraulically or electrically, allowing simple, step less adjustment of the belt speed. With the enormous capacity of up to 160 tonnes/hour, the planter is filled extremely quickly. A pivoting conveyor frame enables the user to swing the filling belt via hydraulic control handles, making pulling and dragging the conveyor a thing of the past.
The height adjustment of the conveyor is also completely hydraulic which, in combination with the permanent bend at the discharge end, ensures minimal fall heights.

The large transport wheels make the conveyor belt superbly suited for use on softer ground.


Belt length (cm)800
Belt width (cm)80
Discharge height min/max cm78 - 400
Height adjustmentHydraulic
Swivel angle24º (option 49º)
Swivel range (cm)270 (option 540)
DriveHydraulic by tractor
Weight (kg)1.460


11045430Additional boards for coarse product
11045440Fixed galvanised roof ME 80
11047440Chassis swiveling conveyor
1104756048 Degrees swing 5,4 m
1104757024 Degrees swing 2,7 m
11052710Hydraulic drive, variable belt speed
11052840Control box with Start-Control 380-420V / 50Hz / 3~
11052880Electro / hydraulic unit 4 kW 4 kW
11052970Lights and markers boards ME
11059540Switch 380-420V / 50Hz / 3~
11060430Hydr. hoses 1/2 coupling L=10,5m planter
11060440Hydr. hoses 1/2 coupling L=4m trailer
11080220Hydraulic swivelling of conveyor
E0944403Start-Control extension cable 15m
E0944409Start-Control extension cable 7,5m
VOLTAGE 380-420Voltage 380-420VAC / 50Hz / 3~
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