Spraying booms G51- 50 meter

RM spraying booms low pressure G51-50m

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RM spraying booms low pressure G51-50m

RM low pressure booms are the result of prolonged experimentation on the field and on many different crops. The range of RM hot-galvanised spraying booms can be fitted to every kind of hose reel irrigation machine.The booms are equipped with double cut anti-occlusion brass nozzles which allow a better distribution of water (RM patent). The boom is able to turn 360° to avoid obstacles on the field and to keep the level automatically (self-levelling balancing system).

RM booms offer the following advantages:
- Low operating pressure (1 bar is sufficient on the sprinkler inlet)
- Uniform sprinkling even on a windy day
- Soil will not be compacted

Working width to choose from: 20 m to 60 m

For prices of the several possible options please contact APH


Dysze (w szt.)45
Szerokość zraszacza (m)50
Szerokość robocza zraszacza (m)58 - 63
Wydatek zraszacza (m3/h)46 - 132
Ciśnienie zraszacza (bar)1-3


PRESG38CARR8903 wheel trolley for 40m and 50m boom
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