Hydraulic bucket HOD 200

Designed for handling all kinds of bulk products and suitable to fit to almost every type of forklift truck or shovels. The bucket slides on the (FEM-II) forks in seconds. With this bucket there is no damage of product! Special ‘open grid’ potato bucket is designed to scoop up potatoes by Forklift without damaging the product. The floor needs to be flat and the forklift needs hydraulic function, for example for side-shift.

Box rotator K54a (FEM II)

The solid designed box rotator fits to almost every type of forklift truck, shovel or front loader. The box rotators are equipped with a heavy duty rotating shaft, fitted with industrial type bushings. The rotating is done by means of a double acting hydraulic ram with a toothed bar underneath, which drives a heavy duty sprocket wheel. All rotators have a rotating circle of 180°, rotating to the left.This machine is supplied with hydraulic hoses and quick couplings to reach the fork carrier. For this box rotator you need 1 double working hydraulic valve on the fork carrier.