Clipper M2 automatic clipping machine

Packaging machine for fully automatic packaging of all kinds of products in net type packing. The clipping machine automatically closes the net with a metal clip. The automatic clipping machine is easy to operate by its user-friendly control panel. The machine is equipped with an automatic tube exchange. Tubes are easily take from the machine to fill them with new net material. The machine will work with all kinds of weighers.

SAB 2 Semi automatic bagger

Machine to fill bags up to 50 kg semi-automatically. The machine can work with different types of bags. The single bags are placed by hand under the filling hole. A signal is given to the bagger that it can accept product. After the bag is filled, the bag will be fed automatically into an industrial sewing head that closes the bag. The bag is supported by a belt.

RSB-M Automatic Mesh Roll Stock Bagger

Fully automatic bagging machine for root crops in pre-made mesh bags from the roll. The mesh bags come from the roll and bags are separated by a heating element. This heating element and the backside are both moving in and out to give a maximum opening. Because of this, the mesh will stick less to the heating element and faulty separations will be avoided. The next step is to fill the bag while supported by a belt. The filled bag will then be transported to the industrial sewing head that closes it and next it will be separated from the[...]

RSB-P including open and close filling hole

Poly filling and sealing machine for either pre-fabricated bags or half tube PE poly from the roll. When the bag is filled it is separated and then closed by a horizontal closing unit. For this horizontal closing unit, several options are available like a horizontal heat sealer or different kinds of tail closing units with a plastic clip or a metal closure. Because the machine is working with an open and close filling hole, an extra high transport strip (60mm) is not needed on the foil from the roll. This leads to a material saving up to 5%.

GKS-Netpack NP 350

Vertical form, fill and seal machines create PE, PP, laminated and net/film bags from a flat film from the reel. Both pillow bags and self-standing bags can be produced on the machine. All bags can be made with or without a hand grip in the top of the bag. By using the specially designed forming set the film is transformed into a tube and during the packaging process this tube is filled, closed and cut. The machine is suitable for packing all kinds of bulk goods, both food as well as non-food products. The Netpack NP 350 machine distinguishes itself[...]