Eye catching Dewulf RA4060 in Belarus

APH Group Belarus recently delivered and installed the eye catching Dewulf RA4060 at Novitski’s farm. The wish of Mr. Novitski was to have a self-propelled harvester with elevator for harvesting both potatoes as well as carrots. Together with our Commercial Technical Advisor in Belarus the harvester was designed according mr. Novistki’s requirements and adapted to the local conditions.   The harvester is equipped with a number of options, amongst others: – Combitop, a combined haulm topper and integrated cleaner to top and clean the haulm of vegetables – Triangular Zuidberg track with Brevini adaption of hydrostatic drive on the left[...]

Prestigious Russian award for APH Group

On Friday June 24th, APH Group from The Netherlands received a RusPrix Award from the hands of The Russian Ambassador in the Netherlands. The event took place in Noordwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands. APH Group is awarded because of her outstanding contribution to the development of Russian-Dutch economic relations in the field of agriculture. APH Group  delivers to Russia machines and installations for the production, storage and packing of potatoes and vegetables. It was mentioned that APH Group contributes to an efficient food supply in the Russian Federation. APH Group is active 20 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, CIS,[...]
ML 1980 3ML 1980 2ML 1980 1

New generation Miedema store loaders

Miedema, specialist in planting, storage and sorting technology, introduces the new, 80 cm wide series of ML (Miedema Loaders) store loaders. ML store loaders are made to fill your potato store as quickly as possible while maintaining maximum product quality. The ML series has a modern design that projects a professional image and incorporates the latest technologies. The 80 cm wide, deep troughed conveyor has a highly ECONOMIC capacity of more than 150 tonnes per hour at a product-friendly conveyor belt speed. The wide conveyor belt lies completely free from the frame, which allows 100% utilisation of its surface and[...]
OmniCuroMiedema combi voor pand

APH Group, together with partners Miedema and Omnivent, signs large contract in China

In May 2016 APH Group signed a large contract with Inner Mongolia Linkage Potato Co., Ltd for the delivery of a Miedema potato handling and transport system and an Omnivent climate control system. These two systems are the interior of a potato storage building with a capacity of 140,000 metric ton of potatoes. A state of the art potato storage building, based on Dutch technology, like never built before in China. The completion of this project is scheduled for August 2017. The Chinese company Inner Mongolia Linkage Potato Co., Ltd. and the Dutch company Farm Frites have a joint venture[...]
Kirgizstan 1 (Large)Kirgizstan 2 (Large)Kirgizstan 3 (Large)

APH Engineering delivers carrot washing and packing line in Kirgizstan

APH Engineering recently delivered a state of the art carrot washing and packing line to one of its clients in Kirgizstan. The line, with a capacity of up to 10 tons per hour, will be used to supply the consumer market with premium class, washed carrots. A new feature of this line is the control by means of a touch screen in combination with a PLC. This will enable the client to adjust all machines from a central spot in the line. After an intensive selection procedure, APH Engineering was selected by the client to deliver and install the line.[...]
MS4000 + Baselier 2MS4000 + Baselier

Baselier & Miedema combination for 2 operations in 1 pass

Baselier & Miedema combination for 2 operations in 1 pass A combination of a Miedema trailed MS4000 belt planter connected with a Baselier rotary cultivator. With this efficient solution one of our clients in Turkey is combining 2 operations in 1 pass: Soil preparation with the heavy duty full width rotary cultivator equipped with: ·    Heavy duty rubber hood to prevent sticking of soil ·    Double sided drive, with the benefit to operate with tractors >300hp ·    Crumbling roller for preparing a perfect planting bed Potato planting with the trailed MS4000 belt planter (Miedema Structural) with the following benefits: ·  [...]
Dewulf ZKIIS (2)Dewulf ZKIIS (1)Dewulf ZKIIISE (2)Dewulf ZKIIISE (1)

New generation 2- and 3-row self-propelled top lifting harvesters from Dewulf

Dewulf, specialist in harvesting technology for potatoes and carrots, has launched a new generation of the ZK series, 2- and 3-row self-propelled top lifting harvesters with discharge elevator. Its INNOVATIVE features make the ZK series the most RELIABLE harvester in the self-propelled top lifting harvester segment. The harvesters have the highest level of finish available and are equipped with the latest technologies. One unique feature is the floating shares: two or three harvesting elements which are completely independent in their vertical travel so that each individual harvesting share maintains the desired depth, ensuring maximum stability even at high harvesting speeds.[...]
Miedema launches new generation single and duo belt conveyors

Miedema launches new generation single and duo belt conveyors

Miedema, specialist in planting, storage and sorting technology, is introducing a new generation of the MC (Miedema Conveyor) series, single and duo belt conveyors. Thanks to its INNOVATIVE solutions, the MC series is more than just a simple transport conveyor. The tough, durable construction makes these transport conveyors the most RELIABLE and product-friendly series on the market. The 80 cm wide trough belt has a high ECONOMIC capacity of over 130 tonnes/h at a belt speed of 40 m/min. The fact that the belt lies on top of the frame guarantees maximum quality of the conveyed product. Thanks to its[...]
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Fertilizer units on potato planters

In climates where the growing season is short, it is common to apply fertilizer in the same pass with planting of potatoes. Major advantage: the fertilizer is located very close to the tubers, so the nutrients are available very quickly for the tubers and the distribution is uniform. APH Group offers the choice of 2 different systems on Miedema potato planters: Miedema Ferti-Flow: Our partner Miedema has developed a high-standard fertilizer unit called “Ferti-Flow”. It is made out of stainless steel, has large hoppers (2x 500 ltr, extendable to 2x 1.000 litre) and works with dosing valves on a supply[...]
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APH Group Poland delivers unique Engineering project

Recently APH Group delivered and installed a complete carrot processing line for our customer Luvega in Poland. In cooperation with a local supplier of belts, a complete solution was made for grading, washing, packing and palletizing. “By combining the latest technology from Holland and a having high level service because of the local presence of APH Group in Poland, we are ready for the future”, according to the director of Luvega. One of the reasons for choosing APH Group as a partner is the lowest cost of ownership of the machines. Through many years of experience, our Engineering department has made a selection of proven equipment that[...]